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What is an Energized Painting?

FOR MORE THAN FIFTY YEARS BURT GOLDMAN HAS BEEN a meditation teacher, a healer, a workshop leader,  an author, and a yoga and hypnosis instructor and practitioner. This year he did his last physical seminar because at age 92 he did not have the physical energy to keep doing that.

WITH HIS "RETIREMENT" FROM HOLDING WORKSHOPS,  people asked Burt if he was retiring from all his work. He said, Not on your life! What I decided to do with my remaining days is to paint canvasses that will not only be an investment but help people just as my  other work has helped hundreds of thousands in need over the years.”

SINCE THE AGE OF 78 BURT HAS BEEN A RATHER PRODUCTIVE ARTIST. Over a hundred original Burt Goldman paintings now hang on walls from Europe and the Middle East to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, China and all over the U.S.  Every one who owns one of his paintings seems to be quite proud and pleased with their acquisition.

"I WAS DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS BEEN EVER DONE BEFORE", Burt explained. “I decided to infuse my paintings with healing energy to help people live happy, fulfilling lives getting everything they want from life and avoiding what they don’t want. Although there are healers and painters in this world, no one creates individual, commissioned, energized paintings and infuses them with healing energy. I call this ENERGIZED ART- art that combines healing energies into an icon, a symbol or representation of a positive outcome; in this case, canvas.  

THE IDEA OF ENERGIZING ART CAME TO ME AFTER REACHING MY 90s. I had been searching for something new, something unique, something I could look forward to that would be helpful to others, pleasing to look at, and also give me something to do. I wanted something that would smash the negative cloud that causes stress, illness, and disappointment in so many people. I began searching through little known  methods and techniques that I had accumulated over the past decades.  

ONE OF THOSE TECHNIQUES IS THE ART OF COMBINING MEDITATION with the spinal breath; something I learned in Korea in 1947, over 70 years ago, and has been one of the foundations of producing and controlling the healing energies.

I CALL THE PROCESS of energizing a canvas for an individual, ‘Transference.’  That entails building up the energies to help the individual I’m energizing the canvas for. It’s a process that involves meditation and a stimulation of the spinal column. Then transferring the energy to canvas and paint to produce a work of art that is itself energized in the same manner.

NOW AS TO THE SIZE AND PRICE. At present, the size that seems to be most popular is 16 x 20 inches although the 20 x 24 size is well-received also. Both sizes are energized and infused with special energies to help you attain your objective. We require a deposit of $300 to begin the process. And yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

THEY ARE AFTER ALL WORKS OF ART and for all indications will increase in value—so in addition to being a helpful icon, the paintings are also a great investment. I do tell people not to sell their Burt Goldman works of art as they may well be able to acquire an apartment house with it in ten or so years, after all, I am 91 and don’t know how much longer I will be capable of painting.

LET ME EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS. Each painting is produced by me after the down payment. You will not know what you are getting until I complete it which is a bit unusual. Each energized painting is produced individually, specifically for you. It will only be painted after I know what you want your Energized painting to help you accomplish. You will receive a short questionnaire as to that.

LET’S SAY YOU WANT TO COMMISSION a 16 x 20 or 20 x 24 Energized painting to overcome a stressful event in your life. Or maybe you just want an unusual work of art for one of your walls. After you let me know which size you want I will paint it, energize it and send you a photo of the painting that was created for you; if you approve of it I will then complete your painting and ship it off to you.
WITH YOUR PAINTING COMES a manifest of ideas on how to best use your Energized painting for the outcome you are hoping for.

THAT IS HOW the Burt Goldman Energized Artworks. Interested?  

YOU CAN ORDER YOURS RIGHT NOW. Just click the GET YOUR PAINTING NOW button and tell Burt the size you want. When your deposit is received Burt will start working on your energized painting. As soon as it’s complete Burt will email you a photo of it and if you approve we will invoice you for the balance and have it shipped to you.


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Here are 8 examples previous energized paintings

Relationship Problem - Solved!  

More Financial Abundance

 Physical Pain- Eliminated!  

Happy, Peaceful Life Now!

Stress Melted Away!

The Good Life- At Last!

Dreams Came True

Love of Life Found

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Frank Girard

New York


"Besides enjoying the painting as a valuable art investment, much to my jaw drop amazement I have been enjoying more happiness, more serenity, more peacefulness and more spectacular relationships with others. Much to surprise I’ve also been enjoying new found financial abundance. Burt I don’t know why this really works but having the painting you’ve created for me has been magical. Thank you!"

Mary Madeline Day 



"Burt’s methods work. I had  a sharp headache I couldn’t seem to get rid off. I didn’t want to take a bunch of pills and decided to use Burt’s energized healing approach.  I started to feel better. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and my headache was gone. After that I have done it with other ailments as well. (growth on my back, stomach ache, cold) I also use it when I start to worry about getting sick, when a lot of people around me are coming down with something."

Keith Creel



"Burt’s work has changed my perception of everything. It has benefited many aspects of my life. My ability to focus is stronger. My intuition is higher, my interactions with the people around me are more mindful."

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Frequently asked question

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Who is Burt Goldman?

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How do I order a painting? How does the process work?

When will I get my painting?

You will receive your painting in approximately two weeks from the time your final payment is made.

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Burt has changed
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$300 ( initial deposit ) 

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Burt's Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are not happy with the results from your painting or don't like the painting for any reason within 30 days, Burt will give you a complete no questions asked refund. He only wants happy people.

Burt Goldman


At the age of 92, Burt can only create several paintings each week. Since demand is increasing, he will be raising prices since he can't handle all the work. 


Burt's paintings are hanging all over the world and the value is already increasing. When Burt is no longer around, the value is expected to do nothing but go up.