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“Possibilities Beyond Your Wildest Expectations”

“After receiving the Mindbox and learning more about Burt Goldmans work, I got excited. His teaching are simple and easy to learn. When Quantum Jumping got out, I had to have it. It over exceeded my expectations. It is amazing! As any other material of his, it is simple and easy to understand. Having an open mind helps as well. The first experience I had with Quantum Jumping was a sharp headache I couldn’t seem to get rid off. I didn’t want to take a bunch of pills and decided to give Quantum Jumping a shot. Going through the door to my other healthy self and staying there for a short while, I started to feel better. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and my headache was gone. After that I have done it with other ailments as well. (growth on my back, stomach ache, cold) Also use it when I start to worry about getting sick, when a lot of people around me are coming down with something. Later I started to use it to improve my intuition in my work as an EFT practitioner (meridian tapping), so I could connect with my clients on a deeper level. It has helped me take my sessions to the next level in helping my clients. I highly recommend anyone to take Quantum Jumping to the test. Having your own personal experience with this technique is what’s going to show you possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. It is an ongoing adventure. Thank You Burt Goldman.”

~ Mary Madeline Day from Hawthorne, Florida

“A Truly Enlightened Experience”

“I found the Quantum Jumping Program to be absolutely fantastic. Firstly I worked through the program then worked out what I wanted to do. I have a list of those things that I wish to accomplish but had no real idea where to start. Well, the door opened literally. I have always wanted to write so I quantum jumped into a parallel world and caught up with my doppelganger who happens to be a world wide published author and has written many many books. We talked about how to start to write, choosing subjects etc. right up to finding a publisher. It was a truly awesome experience as my doppelganger’s home is the exact copy of the one my partner and I would like to live in. I have also made arrangements to revisit whenever I want to. My second experience concerned Public Speaking. I can do it but not with a lot of finesse. I jumped through the doorway and found my doppelganger who is a world recognised Public Speaker. I learned that much from him that I now know that should I be called on or asked to speak I can do so with all the flair and skill that I learned by my Quantum Jump. Incidentally, as I cross off items form the top of my list of TO DO’s I’m adding more to the bottom. The Quantum Jumping Program has been the best investment I have made in the last 40 odd years of searching. Many thanks”

~ Stan Walters

“Quantum Jumping Really Works”

“Dear Burt, I am a musician. Here’s my story – I did a Quantum Jump and saw my Doppelganger and said “hi.” He greeted me back and then he said “I want to see you smile!” It felt really good. The same day I wrote and composed music to the song called “I want to see you smile.” Later that week, I did it again. I jumped through the door and went to the same scene. But this time, more details. [I saw] a big white multi-level California style house. So I asked my Doppelganger to take me inside for a visit. He took me in and took me downstairs. There was a big room with a wall full of golden records and other prizes hung on it. WOW! I could even read the titles of the songs on the golden records. One said, “Just Fun.” The same day I wrote and composed music to the song called “Just Fun!” Then I thought to myself, this technique really works!” I did it again! This time my Doppelganger sat on a stool in front of the wall and sang to me! I could see the fingers move on the guitar doing something unusual. Then I came back to this dimension and recorded the song. It’s called “Do You.” Now these 3 are the best songs I’ve written so far in this life and I’ve been writing songs for 20 years. Plus it’s so different from what I usually write! Quantum Jumping really works. So next I asked my Doppelganger what to do with these songs. Where do I send them? To who? You know what he said? “Live your dream.” He wrote on a piece of paper “Virgin Tokyo” with the big V of Virgin records. Now that’s more than insight. That is clear information right there! How do I make contact with Virgin Tokyo? I’m still figuring out that part! Thank you so much for putting this course together!

~ Vincent McNicoll from Rockway-Valley, Quebec

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“Positive Energy For Building Another Future For Myself”

“I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and since that life-altering event, I have been reaching out for every possible tool and benefit that I can attain, in my attempt to rebuild my life and career. I am a multi-disciplinary performance artist, and teacher of various arts education programs of my own creation, formerly in the Orleans Parish Public Schools System. As most of my work was interrupted by the destruction and closure of the schools and many of the performance venues where I had formerly presented my creation, I had to direct my creativity towards the considerable effort of recreating my artistic life. I am still in that process, and have used many of the visualization, meditation and emotional management techniques you have created in the MindBox, as a way of helping myself on the path. Along with my yoga and tai chi practice, I have managed to transform most of the rage and frustrations I had felt in the early stages into positive energy for building another future for myself.”

~ Nanette Ledet, survivor of Hurricane Katrina

“It Changes My Perception of Everything”

“Consistent use Burt’s teachings – in listening to and thinking about the lectures, and in participating in the meditations – has been of benefit in many aspects of my life. One of the greatest is the results that come from committing to, and sticking with, “the practice.” We tend to think of “habits” as mindless, bad things, but the habit of practicing with Burt’s teachings is the opposite–mindful, and very, very good! Without a doubt, my favorite exercise is the Daisy Pond. I am a small business owner and my days are typically hectic and taking a few minutes in the middle of the day to swim and float in that magical place changes my perception of (literally) everything. It is a sensual and psychological oasis! My ability to focus is stronger. My intuition is higher, my interactions with the people around me are more mindful. What I love about Burt’s program is how well it integrates with other practices in my life, such as the study of quantum mechanics and working with Jungian archetypes. Burt’s teachings are, in some respects, a synthesis of all of those other paths.”

~ Keith Creel, Texas

“Since Using The MindBox I Enjoy My Life More”

“My goal was to boost my self-esteem and master my emotions. Since I using the MindBox I can say that I enjoy my life more. I worship every day and every moment. Burt has helped me to be my real Self. I would recommend the MindBox to anyone else. It´s the perfect solution to overcome various life-challenges. I think Burt spreads José Silva´s word in a very useful and user friendly way and he helps people to really lead a fulfilling life.”

~ Benjamin, Germany

“The Best Self Improvement Method In My Life”

“I was looking for a self-improvement product that could be used in any situation in life, and I found what I was looking for in The Mindbox. It has dozens of easy ways to improve your life. I listen to it in my car, as I drive at least 2-3 hours daily.  I am able to utilize this time listening to the CD’s, and then I meditate with the meditation tracks at home. I have listened to the entire Mindbox at least 6 times so far. I am using many of the techniques: The Thought Stopping technique comes in handy when I am trying to go to sleep and thoughts keep popping in my head. The Weight Loss techniques are working, and I am teaching them to friends and family members, who are also using them. The Magic Star is incredulous – I am going to put numbered tiles of the Magic Star in the garden of my new home, so I can walk The Star outside, and I can’t wait to teach my grandson how to do this. There are so many techniques in this program – it is exciting to me just thinking of how I can use the different ones.  I am so, so glad I purchased this program! I have and will continue to recommend The Mindbox to my friends and family. It is the best self improvement method I have come across in my life.  I think The American Monk products are fabulous resources for those of us interested in self improvement and reaching our full abilities and capabilities in this life.”

~ Michelle Nicholas, Georgia

“More Positive And Composed”

“In the MindBox, I enjoy being guided by Burt to my alpha level on the CDs, which I listen to often.
I am able to carry over this relaxed feeling into my work day, which is very helpful. The changes have been subtle, but gratifying.
I’m more relaxed, more focused on my goals and less critical of others. I’ve mostly banished guilt as a useless emotion. I worry less. In general, I’m more positive and composed, thanks to Burt.”

~ Bill Dahl, from Rancho Cordova, California

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