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Burt’s goal is to raise the consciousness of 1 million people over the next year. And he is going to do this for FREE — using the Internet to deliver directly to your email The American Monk 7 Lessons from Burt Goldman.

The American Monk’s free lessons include an explicative text followed by 1 guided meditation exercise. There are a total of 7 lessons, each with 1 exercise. All lessons and meditations are read by Burt and are designed to take you to a higher level of Consciousness.

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Quantum Jumping Introductory Course


Receive a 6-part Introduction to Quantum Jumping to learn more about Burt’s Quantum Jumping phenomena, and try it for yourself. Over 180,000 people across the world have already changed their lives with Quantum Jumping. Sign up from the link below, follow the simple instructions, and prepare to discover a universe of infinite possibilities.

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FREE Pack of 10 Intention Tunes


Introducing Burt’s Goldman Intention Tunes, transformational melodies infused with positive intent for a lifelong symphony of abundance, health & enlightenment.

Intention Tunes are based on the power of intention setting. You see, setting an intention is probably the most powerful and effective way to spark positive change and take control of your life.

It’s fast, it’s FREE, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

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Burt’s FREE Novel: Good Bye April Moon


“Jogging north along Pacific Coast Highway, in Santa Monica, Alex Fredericks caught the heel of his right foot in a crack in the pavement shooting a bolt of pain up his leg. Hopping about for a moment he sat on the ground and rubbed his ankle praying the pain would subside. The last time he twisted an ankle he’d limped for two weeks; that wouldn’t do at all, not with what was going on at April Moon”.

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