Burt’s Art Studio


Burt started as an “artist” a few years ago after becoming intrigued about the possibility of tapping into parallel universes to gain knowledge and skills.

He embarked on a quest to find his creative side. He Quantum Jumped to become a singer, a writer, a photographer, a painter and finally, a piano player.

Here are a few of his compositions:

Burt’s Paintings


Before starting each painting, he would meditate and visualize himself looking over the shoulder of a highly skilled artist. He would watch him as he painted the image He hoped to create himself (it was quite often a work of Van Gogh as he has always been a huge fan of his work). He would examine every stroke, study ever color and every technique. After he was confident he had seen all He needed to see, he would start the painting himself.

His paintings always turned out to be exactly (or even better than) what he had visualized during his meditation. The secret is, the man he has been visualizing was himself – his doppelganger – as the artist!

See more of Burt’s painting here.


Burt’s Photography


During a seminar Burt asked students to give him one week to demand a new skill that he had to learn. The students called out “PHOTOGRAPHY!”.

One week later – Burt…who was well into his 60s then…and had hardly used a camera…produced a work of photographic art of a rare quality. He developed is very own style. He would usually pulled out my camera and took about a hundred photos of it. Once he returned home, he would developed all the images put them together in a collage


Burt’s Novels


Out of nowhere, Burt found the inspiration to write multiple novels—including his first Western.

Burt’s Piano Composition


Burt bought a piano a few months ago even though he doesn’t play the piano. What He does is bang on the keys and as bizarre as it sounds, his fingers just happen to fall in the right places.

He doesn’t have to rely on anything that musicians have done before him; since the first day he started to play, he seems to have developed his own style.

Download some of Burt’s composition here

Burt also created what he called “intention-tunes”, transformational melodies infused with positive intent for a lifelong symphony of abundance, health & enlightenment.

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