A Personal Introduction from Burt Goldman

Meditation & Mind Power Expert


The year was 1946. I was a sergeant in the American army, stationed in a small town at the 38th parallel just north of Seoul Korea. World War II had just ended and we were part of the liberating army as Korea had been occupied by Japan for many years. The Korean people were happy to see us but would have been just as happy to see us leave. Not much to do there for an energetic 19 year old who had never traveled beyond the outskirts of Los Angeles before. But I was luckier than most of my buddies as my best friend at that time was John Kim. ‘Kim’ as I called him, we always referred to each other by out last names, was a second generation American, his grandparents came to the U.S. long before he was born. Kim spoke fluent Korean and so we took long walks in the small town we were stationed and on one of those walks met the Kim family. Same name as my friend but no relation as Kim in Korea was like Lee in China, or Johnson in the U.S.

We visited the Kim’s quite often with my friend chatting while I immersed myself in a totally different culture. I thought the experience was quite charming at the time until one day at the Kim’s I sat down at their organ while my friend chatted and picked out the only tune I knew, Auld Lang Sine. The Kim’s jumped up and stood at attention with broad smiles on their faces. Little did I know that the tune was the national anthem of Korea at the time. Well from then on I was treated like one of the family.

During our next visit I had a headache and when Mr. Kim was told he came over to me and kind of waved his hands over my head and pinched me on the arm. Just like that my headache was gone. It turned out the Mr. Kim was not only a healer, but a true mystic. After many conversations I received my first introduction into a world I never knew existed.

Soon after that I was transferred to Hawaii. Oahu was beautiful and Schofield Barracks was close to a pineapple plantation where I took many a long walk. On one of those walks I met Atoni, or Tony as I called him, a native Hawaiian and our conversation swung over to my meeting with Mr. Kim and his healing abilities. Tony told me he was familiar with what Mr. Kim had been doing and told me that he came from a line of kahuna’s or Hawaiian mystics. Once again I was wrapped up in a new world; a world I never dreamed existed; a world of the mind. A place where you could do things with the power of your mind alone that most people never dreamed of.

I learned that many powerful people used this energy without realizing the source, and that the power was available to everyone. I immersed myself into Tony’s instruction. Then I was transferred again, this time to Fort Lewis in Tacoma Washington. Sad to cut off my new education but happy to be back in the U.S. I was determined to learn as much as possible about this somewhat exotic philosophy I had been exposed to.

A few years went by and after my discharge from the army I immersed myself in this unique way of life reading as much as I could about the subject. I turned to Hypnotism as one avenue and practiced hypnotherapy with friends and acquaintances. Training myself I grew quite proficient at the art until one day, Ben Denoff, a friend introduced me to Paramahansa Yogananda. The great swami took me in as a disciple and I remained with the ashram practicing various yoga philosophies until Yogananda decided to leave this world, which he did in a stunning manner.

Ben and I had many ideas on which way to utilize all the knowledge and techniques we had learned and we decided to offer some of what we knew to the world. And so in 1952, Mental Dynamics, the Key to Nerve Control was born. But both Ben and I were rather inexperienced to the ways of the world, it was a different world then and every time we received an order from a foreign land we rejoiced. Our naïve means of knowledge sharing was putting ads in Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics, two popular magazine publications at that time.

Our business didn’t exactly thrive and Ben and I parted to go our separate ways. I went along to continue my journey into the world with my innate intention to educate the world on the amazing things I had learned. Wanting to know more still, I did research, read, and started to pen down and journal some of the things I had learned.

It was in the early 70’s that I heard about Jose Silva and his work. And so I decided to attend one of his Silva seminars. I was stunned. Here were things being talked about that I had been doing and practicing for decades. I joined the organization as an instructor and within a few months became their number one trainer. Most of my seminars were ten times the size of the other instructors. I must admit that one of the reasons for this was that I put in so much of the material I had been exposed to previously. After getting their top award five years in a row I became their official ambassador and gave out the awards to other instructors at the annual Silva convention in Laredo, Texas.

Silva had instructors in most major cities of the world and I was invited from one to the other to present my updated versions of what I had previously taught. So, I created The Supermind, a compilation of everything I knew. It caught on, and Jose had me teaching The Supermind to all his instructors and to their graduates.

People wanted to know more about getting accomplishing their goals, using the Qi-Gong energy to diffuse pain and to heal and how to have better lives and to use more of their mind. All that was right up my alley and formed many of the basic parts of The Supermind.

I co-wrote The Silva Mind Control Method of Mental Dynamics, with Jose Silva and it has now been translated and published in more than 10 languages. When Jose Silva passed in February 1999, I left the organization and retired to my own meditations and research.

Life had thus far treated me very well, I lived in Rancho Mirage, a desert town adjacent to Palm Springs and about two hours east of Los Angeles. People often ask me why there and my answer reflects Frank Sinatra’s when he was asked why he lived in Rancho Mirage; ‘because I like to breathe,’ he said; no doubt referring to the yellowish haze that hangs over Los Angeles. As for me, I just like the quiet rhythm of the place.

And by the time I retired in 2003 I had presented thousands of seminars and workshops all over the world. I had travelled to Europe three and four times a year for more than a decade, doing seminars with interpreters tagging along wherever English wasn’t the common language.

I must say that retirement didn’t suit me and I decided to use some of the The Supermind techniques to point me to some new goals, perhaps even a new mountain to climb or a new place to conquer; metaphorically speaking of course. I thought about something that I couldn’t do; I was, I must now admit; challenging myself. “Prove to yourself that this stuff you’ve been talking about really works”. And so I did, utilizing the metaphors of Quantum Jumping, and lo and behold, I became an artist. Looking at my work you would never believe that I couldn’t paint at all prior to my 78th year. I still can hardly believe it. But I shouldn’t be surprised, I knew that The Supermind really did create a super mind.

And then, at age 80 I decided to explore something I knew nothing about, the Internet. I created a few new projects and after grossing more than a million dollars in a year I wondered just how far a person could go if that person was aware of these methods when he or she was in prime of their life.

Well friends, here I am in my 83rd year and still as excited as I was when I first discovered the immense power of the mind. I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you. Please take your time to navigate around this site for more information on Quantum Jumping and The Mindbox and connect with me on The American Monk Blog, Facebook and Twitter.